Chasing the Chimera

On keeping the website relevant (chasing the chimera, part 2). Also, an update on the sequel to “Kyu, The Unknown”.

There are people out there who live and die by the blog. If I am one of them, my putrescent corpse is stinking up the place. Sorry about that. Nothing a little Febreze can’t handle.

Writing-wise, I am about 3/4 of the way finished with preliminary edits to “The Oracle of Xiaroc Isle”, Part 2 of “The Coming of Dis” series. The story becomes a bit more complex, with deeper explorations of existing characters and introductions to new ones, including a villain who is both old and new. There are surprising losses and unexpected gains. I’m pretty happy with it.

Before you read all these juicy bits comes the process of “actual” edits (my publisher tells me what needs cutting, and I cut), the final draft is submitted, and away we go! It will be released sometime in 2017, I imagine. As I get more information I will of course share it.

Until next time, ta-ta!


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